I love England as I love my wife: Lord Bill Lall

New Delhi, Oct 20 : Some 60 years ago, Dharambir Lall moved to England from India and the eventful journey that followed finds elaborate mention in his upcoming book "England, My Love".

The successful chartered accountant is now a millionaire and has been conferred the title of Lord Bill Lall of Woodlands.

"I just fell in love with England as soon as I had stepped out of the carriage at Victoria Station in London.

It was a sort of love at first sight and that love has remained with me over the period of 60 years. So far as I am concerned, England is the same as it was 60 years ago such as my wife is the same since 50 years ago when I first met her.

I just love England as I just love my wife," Lall told IANS, ahead of the book's scheduled launch on October 23.

He said that "English politeness is legendary" and it "just seeped" into his character over the years.

"As per prejudices we all have them, some of which we are proud of so long as they do not harm others.

English reserve stands on its own as does politeness. Although it is now much more open society, the basic English reserve is still there and that is what I love about the English," he said.

Lall recalled that he had a very rough childhood in India, and arriving in England gave him some sort of a fresh breath of air.

"As English way of life seeped in to my psyche it transformed my outlook on life, enlightened my personality and made a complete human being of me which ultimately enabled me to achieve my goals in life," he added.

Lall is a successful, retired businessman. He has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration by the University of East London (2003), Freedom of the City of London in 2012, and the British Empire Medal in the Queen's Birthday Honours list of 2014.

"England, My Love" is published by Sterling Publishers, which said that it is an invaluable insight into England and English ways.

It is essential reading for anyone who happens to have an opportunity to come to England and it is an enjoyable insight into today's England.



Source: IANS