I want a united India with no poverty: Vickram Ghosh

Kolkata, Aug 14 : If I am asked to trace out the biggest problem of our country then I would say that the biggest problem of our country is that we dont realise our strength and this allows our enemies and our rivals to take chances.

This not only happened in the British era or before, it is still very much in our society and this is always pulling us back.

A deeper analysis of the thing will make us realise that this illusive perception of our strength contrarily our weakness is a result of our internal battle - our fighting within ourselves - political or otherwise.

The people of other countries have always taken the chance of our internal division making us suffer.

Whether it be natural resources, intellect or skilled workforce - we had it in plenty but it was never fully utilised because we have never been able to stay united and fight for a common goal.

We had everything but we always failed to exert our full potential because of our internal differences.

Now, I believe that if this internal difference is removed and we can stand united against the odds there is nothing that can stop us from achieving our goal.

So, I'd like to see my country to be united as a whole without fighting with each other and moving towards a bright economic future.

There is another problem and that is poverty.

This is a problem that really ails me. I cannot believe that in a country that is rich in every possible way there can be any poor people. I would like to live in a country where there will be no poverty. People will have the liberty and the affordability to buy a square meal. This is possible - I know. What we need is proper planning and a mechanism so that our wealth is properly distributed.

Thirdly, being an artist, I would like to live in a country where people can opt for exercising in their own way.

There will be no embargo, no restrictions and people will have the freedom to express their artistic capabilities.

I would also like to have a government that will give more opportunities to the artists so that they can choose their artistic careers.



Source: IANS