IANS temporarily closing bureau in UN, but coverage will continue

New Delhi, March 20 : Owing to the unprecedented breakout of coronavirus in New York, IANS management has decided to temporarily shut its two person bureau within UN Building as a precautionary measure till March 31.

However, continued coverage through telecommuting will be available to all its subscribers without any interruption.

The IANS correspondent and the TV producer will resume working out of the bureau when the situation in New York City, where 3,615 coronavirus cases have been reported as of Thursday morning, stabilises.

The UN media liaison office informed the bureau on Thursday that a journalist who had been diagnosed with Covid-19 had been on the same floor where the IANS bureau is located.

The journalist was not identified.

The media liaison office said that the area was cleaned intensively.

Earlier, the UN reported that a Filipino diplomat and a staffer at the UN had tested positive for coronavirus.

The UN had asked all but essential staff to work from and accredited correspondents with offices were considered essential and allowed access to the building.

From Wednesday, the daily briefings were moved to teleconference with Stephane Dujarric, the Spokesman for Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, conducting them from home enabling resident correspondent to participate remotely.

Guterres held an interactive news conference remotely on Friday.



Source: IANS