If Trump wins, we can see an Indo American century ahead, says industrialist

By Naveen Kapoor New York [United States], Nov. 7 : With the U.S. presidential election about to conclude, an Indian American industrialist on Monday said that if Donald Trump wins, it will be great for the Indo-American community.

Speaking to ANI in an exclusive interview 48 hours before America declares who will be the next occupant of the White House- Trump or his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton- Shalabh Kumar said, "If we have an "ab ki bar Trump Sarkar" and we already have a Modi Sarkar, then we will truly have one of the missions that I have taken in my life that is the 21st century to be Indo-American century." "If Donald Trump wins the election, then these two largest democracies will become the most powerful economies on Earth-that would bring so much stability to earth and together we could defeat radical Islam," he added.

Responding to a question about the professional ability and experience of governance of Hillary, he said, "What has that experience got us? 1.2 percent GDP growth, ISIS formation, if you have experience, but if you have all the bad experience, what good it is and we don't want that experience." Kumar said that the country needs a political outsider who is not a politician and Trump really does not have to do all this , he could be sitting happy with his billions of dollars and have him subject to all this public scrutiny, but he is doing it as he loves America, he loves humanity, he loves India-U.S.


Source: ANI