IFFI Goa to show 18 Korean films at 9-day event

Panaji [India], Nov. 23 : The on-going International Film Festival of India will show 18 films from Korea, which is the focus country at the 9-day event.

Korean filmmakers, participating in the IFFI at Panaji in Goa, are upbeat and say if Indian audience enjoy Hollywood films, they will surely like Korean movies as well.

Just like Hollywood, Korean Cinema is also technology driven and at times, is way ahead of Hollywood. Director of Korean film 'Tunnel', Kim Seong-hun says he is thrilled to see the interest of Indian audience in Korean movies at IFFI.

Korean films have gradually increased its share in domestic market and looking towards foreign markets optimistically.

A representative of Korean Film Council said, in the 70s, Hollywood had 80% share in the Korean market, while the Korean cinema had only 20% share.

But, after the complete removal of censorship, the Korean cinema has gained 30% of the market share, reducing Hollywood share to just 50%.

Seong-hun further said Korean films act as brand ambassadors and their participation in IFFI will help strengthen the foundation of Indo-Korean relationship.

Source: ANI