IIT-K Prof says Covid 3rd wave possibility now negligible

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Aug 23 : Senior Scientist, IIT Kanpur, Prof Manindra Aggarwal has claimed that the possibility of a third wave of corona infection is now negligible.

Releasing his new study based on his mathematical 'model formula', he has said that vaccination has further reduced this risk.

"The vaccination has ensured the reduction in the infection to a great extent.

He said that states like UP, Bihar, Delhi are on the way to become almost infection free. However, the active cases in the country will remain close to 15,000 till the month of October as there will be infection in the Northeastern states and also Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala," he told reporters.

Prof Agarwal claimed that by October, the number of cases in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh will reach unit digit.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, two more patients of Corona in Kanpur became infection free in home isolation.

The number of new infections has been zero.

In Kanpur, 82,906 people had been infected with corona of which 80,991 patients have been cured.

Among the cured patients, 69,616 found health benefits at home and only 11,375 patients got treatment in the hospital.

Chief medical officer Dr Nepal Singh said that now only 11 corona active cases are left in the city.



Source: IANS