Illegal immigrants’ detention in Assam, Delhi parking woes raised in RS

New Delhi, Nov 29 : Detention of illegal immigrants in Assam and vehicle parking problems were some of the key issues raised by members on Friday in Rajya Sabha during zero hour.

Congress MP Jairam Ramesh urged the government to carry out a systematic survey of illegal foreigners incarcerated in detention centres and provide legal services in case they have completed three years as law provides for them.

Sharing his experience after visiting one of the detention centres in Silchar, Assam, the veteran leader said that the centre had 72 foreigners.

"Out of these 72 foreigners, seven were from Myanmar, 17 from Bangladesh and 48 claimed to be Indian citizens.

Out of 48 who claimed to be Indian citizens, many of them have been state government employees," Ramesh said.

"Sir, it is heart-rending to see all the people and very young children in these detention centres for no fault of their own," the Congress leader said in the Upper House.

He quoted the reply of Home Minister Amit Shah in Lok Sabha saying there are six detention centres for foreigners in Assam and 988 foreigners are detained in these detention centres.

"I am not pleading the case of illegal migrants.

I am pleading the case for those who are claiming to be Indian citizens who because of the fact that they did not have the proper documents because they moved from place to place in search of jobs they find themselves in jails," Ramesh said.

He emphasised that this is a humanitarian issue and not a political one urging the government to treat the issue in most sensitive manner.

BJP leader Vijay Goel raised the issue of parking in Delhi claiming parking related disputes result in killing of one person every month.

Further, the Delhi Police get as many as 250 calls every day pertaining to parking related disputes.

He suggested to build new parking facilities in the city-state as in coming years it could emerge as a major problem.

Among other suggestions, he proposed to improve public transport system in the capital.



Source: IANS