I’m dividing India between nationals, anti-nationals: Abhijeet

Mumbai [India]. May 30 : Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya, whose new 'unverified' Twitter account, created on Monday, has also been debarred, said that he is actually dividing the nation between nationals and anti-nationals.

While talking to ANI on the same, he mentioned that it is a kind of encouragement he is giving to the Indian soldiers, who protect our country from the outside forces.

"I am actually dividing the country- between nationals and anti-nationals. Atleast I am doing one good thing by uniting the nationalists. The anti-nationals are not liking it and hence forming a group against us," he said. Adding, "Its irony, I have become a big issue in this country. Who am I? I am no one; I am just a singer and a patriot. We cannot do what the army does. All we can do is encourage them with our words and attacking the anti-nationals with our words. That is what I do." Last week, the singer's account was suspended, following his offensive comments against some female users.

Abhijeet re-joined the micro-blogging site with a new unverified account on Monday and posted a video, where he alleged that people are trying to 'curb' his voice, adding, he will denounce those people who criticize the country and the Indian Army.

However, this account has also been suspended. Further he said that he does not regret for not being on Twitter, as it is filled with people who speak against the nation.

"I feel bad for Twitter. RIP Twitter. Twitter now is filled with people who question our soldiers, Indian army, our elected leaders and people like Major Gogoi, who support the naxals, speak for Pakistan and who say Kashmir is not a part of India.

So, I feel whatever happens is for good. I think I am not of their level. I have never abused on Twitter. My abuses limited to 'besharam budia' and 'client was not satisfied.' Twitter is filled with people, with verified account, who use below the dignity abuses.

And speaking about women, how did they even get married? May be their husbands have already taken their last breath." "I don't need Twitter.

If it calls me back, then I will be there and will continue lashing the anti-nationals. I don't need any kind of political or other support. I have the people of this nation with me," he said. Terming people like Paresh Rawal, Sonu Nigam, Akshay Kumar and himself as the voice of this nation, the singer said, "All that is happening here is lobbying, by the anti-nationals, separatists and naxals.".

Source: ANI