I’m not going to stop working: Neha Dhupia

New Delhi, Oct 12 : Actress and soon-to-be-mother Neha Dhupia, who will be seen as the host of FOX Life show "Styled by Neha", says that pregnancy, for her, never meant that she will stop working.

She says that though there is nothing compared to the love she has for her child and she is excited to be a 'mommy', the work must go on.

"I'm continuing to work all through my pregnancy. In fact, I've worked more through my pregnancy than I have at any other time in my life and it's really not a choice or one over the other," Neha told IANS when asked about the work she has been doing of late ever since she has announced her pregnancy.

"There is nothing compared to the love I have for our child but more importantly work must go on, and work has been something that is constant in my life, so I am not going to stop working," added Neha, who is married to actor Angad Bedi.

She is reportedly due in November.

Talking about the perception of Bollywood towards mothers, especially when the industry functions on the lines of 'out of sight, means out of mind', Neha said: "I think the industry is in a great place."

"And even if you are out of sight for a little while, it doesn't mean out of mind because of the fact that you leave behind a lot of good work that people will remember you for.

"And as soon as you want to come back to work, you just need to refer back to the last amazing thing you did with a great team and bounce back.

And there are so many different platforms that you can bounce back on literally... Whether it is digital, television or film.

"I am an actor, anchor, a host and also a producer, so there is a lot for me to look forward to as far as work is considered."

She says that after delivering her little bundle of joy, she plans to make a comeback as soon as she gets a "good role" and "as soon as I feel like I am ready to leave our little baby at home for a few hours a day".

"I don't know if I'll have a heart to do so but only time will tell," Neha added.

In "Styled by Neha", Neha will join hair and make-up artist Elton Fernandez and New York-based Indian model-stylist Diva Dhawan to give a makeover to regular people and help them deal with their everyday fashion emergencies.

Premiering on October 19, the show will provide a unique makeover experience to the candidates and highlight some quintessential fashion tips and tricks.

On the show, Neha said: "We have absolutely normal people on our show -- people who are from different walks of life and have different issues like body image issue or time issue or lack of fashion inclination issue, and we try and give them makeover in our beautiful style lab."

Neha shot for the show during her pregnancy.

"It is exciting and the teams are absolutely wonderful.

Through this season and once it launches, a lot is going to change in my life, (but) I am very excited for the show and to be a mommy," she said.

The actress signed off by saying that she respects every mother who goes to work or a mother who chooses to stay at home.

"I respect every parent the way they are bringing up their child. There's no good, no bad, and there's no right or wrong, because it is always backed by one emotion, and that is love and care.

"That's the emotion I am going to continuously have for my child and so will my husband.

So I'm excited about it but I love my work, so as soon as I come back, I'll start working again."

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Source: IANS