Imitation jewellery in demand in Gurugram: Survey

Gurugram, May 25 : The imitation jewellery market is growing at a rapid pace in Gurugram, suggests a survey., an online fashion jewellery platform, conducted a survey in the region on the issue and the results indicate that Gurugram has witnessed an upsurge of a62 per cent in demand for imitation jewellery.

Garima Singh, Co-Founder and CEO at, said: "Imitation jewellery is definitely the best choice for the new age women who want to experiment and explore more with style and fashion.

"In the past two years, this region has registered a year on year growth rate of 35-40 per cent in the volume of orders."

According to Singh, the average value per aaorder has grown significantly over the last 1 to 2 years.

"Blingvine witnessed a growth of 62a per cent in the orders placed from Gurugram.

A survey conducted by us revealed that women of this region are fond of crystals and modern signature designs, so there's an increase in the number of orders for them in the city," she said.

Young women here are opting for fashion/imitation jewelry as they are cost-effective and help them in setting fashion trends.

The survey claims that a lot of independent women are moving towards imitation jewellery as they feel the need to wear ornaments that complement their outfit while going to work or for an outinga to make a style statement.

Imitation jewellery is not only affordable, but also trendy and fashionable, and so women like to experiment with "more" styles and designs.

Chain snatching or incidents of loot of jewellery were also one of the reasons why the demand of imitation jewellery has seen a rise.

"With its wide roads and deserted stretches, the city has always been a favourite haunt of bike-borne chain snatchers.

A recent more dangerous trend is now emerging as snatchers are now using firearms to threaten victims not just to hand over their valuables, but also to keep them quiet, at least till the snatchers or criminals make their getaway," said a social worker.



Source: IANS