`Impervious` Mila Kunis not ashamed of breastfeeding in public

Johannesburg, July 23 : Mila Kunis, who is expecting her second child with husband Ashton Kutcher, has opened up about being glared at for breastfeeding her daughter Wyatt in public. In a recent interview, Kunis, 32, said, "It always made my husband and I feel a little weird. It took us a little back because people actually looked at us in a shameful way, and we were like, 'Oh my God,' because it's so not a sexual act," reports Channel.24. "In the States and in our culture, we sexualise the breast so much that there's an aspect of it that people just don't know how to wrap their head around the idea of showing your breast in public, she added. The 'That '70s Show' actress further said that she literally breastfed everywhere, adding there were many times when she didn't brought a cover with her and so she did it in a restaurant, in the subway, in the park, at airports, and in planes. "Why did I do it in public? Because I had to feed my child. She's hungry. I need to feed her whether it's out of a bottle or out of my boob no matter where I was," she said. This is not the first time when Mila has expressed her blunt views on breastfeeding. Back in 2014, she described breastfeeding as "a great workout" during her appearance on the talk show 'The Late, Late Show.