Important to take Trump seriously: Jaishankar

New Delhi [India], Mar. 21 : In the wake of the American media highlighting how Donald Trump has underscored as the United States President, Foreign Secretary S.

Jaishankar on Tuesday said the former should be taken seriously, adding that one should not rush to judgement especially with respect to India-U.S.

relations. Quoting a famous slogan doing rounds these days, Jaishankar said the American media took Trump literally, but not seriously and the American public took him seriously but not literally, but it was important to consider him seriously with the caveat that all intentions do not turn out as outcomes.

"There is a very well-quoted remark about Donald Trump that the American media took him literally, but not seriously, and the American public took him seriously, but not literally.

I think, today, what is important is to take him seriously but also with the caveat that intentions are not always outcomes.

Even in our bilateral ties, I would suggest don't rush to judgement," he said while speaking at the 5th Annual Net Summit.

Trump has faced flak due to his various policies, especially the travel ban, which bars people of six Muslim countries from travelling to the States, inviting widespread opposition and criticism.

His another policy on H1B and L1 visas is a matter of concern for India for which the Foreign Secretary had paid a four-day visit to the U.S.

Jaishankar had then discussed the same in a number of meetings with the U.S. administration officials as well as the Congress. During the meetings, the Indian side conveyed that the H1B was a category of trade and services which actually helped the American economy.

"If the Trump administration's intention is to bring back American companies to America and attract more foreign investment in America, then it is important that growing America remains competitive.

So, there actually will be a growing need for this partnership," Jaishankar had said during a conference at the Indian embassy in Washington D.C.

Jaishankar's statement also comes in the backdrop of the recent alleged hate crimes leading to the death of few and several others facing the evil of racism in the U.S.

Source: ANI