In perfect health, says Dalai Lama

Dharamsala, Jan 31 : Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, on Wednesday said he was in perfect health, though feeling fatigued owing to old age.

"I'm in excellent health.

Of course, I am an 82-year-old person. So, year by year, the feeling of tiredness is increasing. This time, I have been out for almost a month and half. I felt it was too long," he told reporters on his return to his abode in this Himachal Pradesh town.

The spiritual leader returned from Bodh Gaya in Bihar via New Delhi where he stopped for his routine medical check-up.

"Just yesterday (Tuesday), I went for medical check-up at Max Hospital (in New Delhi)."

Responding to a media query on a bomb scare in Bodh Gaya, the Tibetan monk said: "The police in Bodh Gaya took all steps to ensure security for the public and we shouldn't sensationalise the matter too much, as the media is prone to do at times."

According to the Central Tibetan Administration website, the Dalai Lama gave a series of sermons in Bodh Gaya, and presided over the initiation ceremony of over 50,000 devotees from more than 13 countries.

India is home to around 100,000 Tibetans.



Source: IANS