In the modern age, fathers are becoming equally sensitive during pregnancy, says expert

New Delhi [India], April 14 : Although pregnancy seems like it is all about a woman, but according to experts in the growing age, modern day fathers are becoming equally sensitive and contributing to make this process smoother and complication free for mothers-to-be.

This camaraderie of the partners bring them closer as wife and husband and their new identity as parents.

"Many expectant fathers are now more involved in helping their partner through the pregnancy from beginning to end," said Dr Jayasree Sundar, Senior Consultant.

Max Multi Speciality Centre in New Delhi. Earlier, they used to worry less about changing diapers or feeding the baby, and focused primarily on being the breadwinner and an authoritarian figure in the family.

"This trend is now evolving, couples are now parenting from the time the baby is in the womb as a team.

There has been a visible and a radical change in the partner participation, much different from what it used to be a decade ago," Sundar added.

With the augment of the modern era, family pattern in India has seen a major shift. Families are small today and during pregnancy, emotions run high. Men today have become sensitive to this and want to be there for their partners to make this process smoother and complication free.

With making their partner feel special during this period of time to helping out in preparing meals, doing household chores, men are far more thoughtful in showcasing emotional commitment towards their family.

Today, most of them willingly want to be beside their wife through the delivery and post that taking care of the mother and their child.

It is said that women become mothers from day one of their pregnancy, but for men it is this shared journey which prepares them to become better fathers.

Source: ANI