India and Bangladesh discuss solutions to border issues

Agartala (Tripura), Aug.2 : Recently, border forces of India and Bangladesh met in Tripura capital Agartala to discuss strategy for the handling of border-related issues.

To control infiltration and smuggling with better border management remained the core issue during the talks between Border Security Force (BSF) and Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) in Agartala.

The four day meet was attended by a 20-member BGB delegation at BSF Frontier Headquarters. Issues like trans-border crimes, cattle smuggling, growing fundamentalist activities with ISI support, militancy were also discussed.

Both sides have greater concern to stop cross border crimes by completing fencing at the porous border.

"There should be fencing all around and we never deter the Indian government to erect fencing. Definitely it is required and if you would not have constructed then we would have jointly constructed.

It is required as criminals have to be checked," said Md. Habibul Karim, Additional Director General, BGB. Border guards of both countries have also decided to set up more border outposts (BOPs) to check trans-border movement of terrorists, smuggling and infiltration.

While India will construct 508 new BOPs, besides existing 1200, Bangladesh will set up 50 more in addition to its existing 35 BOPs.

"Problems are continuing since ages but every problem could not be brought down to zero level; however we have been able to bring drastic reverse in that.

First problem was initially illegal immigration, now you will see no major illegal immigration from any parts of the Bangladesh border including the entire Northeast.

This is major achievement. Second was the fence breaching which use to be earlier high, now it could be reduced to quite a sizable number of figures and Trans border crimes like crossing of militants from militant camps across Bangladesh is almost now negligible," said P.K.

Dubey, BSF, IG, Meghalaya. India and Bangladesh share a 4,096-kilometer long international border, the fifth longest land border in the world.

The border towards India's East and Northeast remains high volatile due to frequent movement of militants and smugglers.

Strict vigil and fencing from both sides of the international border will help curb the crimes..

Source: ANI