India Yamaha Motor introduces BS IV fleet of its scooters and motorcycles

New Delhi [India], Mar 30 : Adding special value and innovation to their existing product line up, India Yamaha Motor Pvt.

Ltd. has announced the new variants of its range of motorcycles and scooters. The newly launched models are all compliant to Bharat Stage IV (BS IV) energy efficiency standards and come in new vibrant colors with added features including AHO (Auto Headlamp-On).

The newly launched Yamaha Motorcycle can be availed in BS IV engine with AHO feature. The models have been loaded with spectacular features to offer to the customers. The new FZ-S FI and FZ FI comes with advanced midship muffler, wide tubeless radials (rear), disc brake (front), split tandem seat with split grab bar, monocross suspension and muscular front fork.

The new variant of the Fazer FI comes with aerodynamic front cowl, all new fuel injection engine, mono-cross suspension and split tandem seat.

The new SZ-RR comes with stylish and aggressive graphics, disc brake (front), wide comfortable seat and split grab bar.

The engine specifications of the variants Yamaha FZ-S FI, FZ FI and Fazer FI remains unchanged with the same 149 cc, air cooled, four stroke, SOHC, two valve, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine based on the Blue Core Engine Development ideal on a lightweight frame whereas SZ RR will continue with a 149 cc, air cooled, four stroke, SOHC, 2-valve, single cylinder carburetor engine.

The lightest (103 kg) of all Yamaha scooters, Fascino offers easy handling for daily use and added new features.

The new Cygnus Alpha scooter comes in two categories of Disc-brake and Drum-brake color variants. The engine specifications of the newly launched variants of both Fascino and Cygnus Alpha remains unchanged with 113 cc, air cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2 valve engine based on the Blue Core Engine Development ideal on a lightweight frame.

These vibrant and stylish new variants are targeted towards the youngsters between the ages of 18 and 28 who always look at upgrading to a more stylish product by adding it to their elegant personality.

"The new motorcycle and scooter variants with extra style and advanced BS IV compliant engine offers more value to the aspirational customers of Yamaha.

The new variants get the Auto Headlamp-On (AHO) feature which the government has made mandatory for all two wheelers in India.

Yamaha's focus is to keep innovating in order to keep up with the current trends of the market," said Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt.

Ltd, Roy Kurian. "The launch of new variants for all of Yamaha's scooter and motor cycle models is in line with Yamaha's promise to constantly delight the customers illustrating how the market has responded to Yamaha's products," added Kurian.

Source: ANI