IndiaMART launches digital campaign to highlight feature of customization

New Delhi [India], Sep 9 : India's largest online marketplace IndiaMART is back with a new digital ad campaign that highlights its unique value proposition of offering customized products to the buyers.

Conceptualized by 'Bang in the Middle' the film #JaisaChahiyeWaisaPaaiye depicts a hunt for an exotic elephant to emphasize on how consumers no longer seek only the easily available in the market.

The campaign uses humor and curiosity to strike a chord with the audience and shows India's largest e-marketplace's ability to tap into the inexhaustible possibilities of a buyer's demands.

"In the clutter of marketplaces, IndiaMART is the only one offering customized products as per the buyer's need.

Whether it is furniture for your office or handicrafts for home decor or machinery for your factory, we can fulfill any demand because of a strong base of more than 25 Lakh sellers," said Vice President Marketing IndiaMART, Sumit Bedi.

"We keep hearing from our buyers about how IndiaMART helps them get products tailored according to their needs and not just run-of-the-mill products.

And that is what inspired us to roll out this #JaisaChahiyeWaisaPaaiye campaign," added Sumit Bedi. "IndiaMART is not the usual brand. It's a pioneer and thought leader. It is the definitive place where the small business owners come searching for growth and profitability.

As a brand, IndiaMART has to build its expertise with the small business owners, and yet come across as a warm and friendly place which powers millions of small businesses across the country.

We have ensured that the market sees value in differentiated offerings of the brand," said Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Partner Bang in the Middle, Naresh Gupta.

Source: ANI