Indian millennial couples prefer intimate weddings: Survey

New Delhi, June 21 : Indian millennial couples are bending towards smaller budget weddings and intimate functions, yet they want their parents to contribute to the cost of it, according to a survey.

The Wedding Brigade conducted a survey with more than 500 young couples as participants.

Couples now prefer a more private affair and believe in restricting their guest lists to close friends and family.

As many as 33 per cent of the couples said they wanted a guest list of under 100 people, while 42 per cent said they would like between 200-400 people to attend the celebrations.

Only 25 per cent of the respondents were looking at hosting weddings with over 400 guests.

The statistics of the survey pointed to a paradigm shift when it comes to millennials, with 35 per cent of them preferring to get married in the city they live in as opposed to having a destination wedding.

However, palaces and forts still hold allure with 30 per cent of the respondents preferring a palace wedding, and 23 per cent who prefer a beach wedding, and just 9 per cent want to get married in the hills.

When it comes to paying for the wedding, 42 per cent of the couples intend to contribute along with help from their parents, 32 per cent would prefer if their parents pay for the extravaganza, and 26 per cent said they would like to pay solely from their own savings.

An ideal average wedding cost for 35 per cent of millennial couples is at Rs 10-25 lakh, 33 per cent of couples want to spend under Rs 10 lakh, 21 per cent of couples want to spend between Rs 25-50 lakh, and only 4 per cent look at spending over Rs 1 crore.

Sanna Vohra, Founder and CEO of The Wedding Brigade, said: "The new age millennial couple is a great example of the shifting paradigms of the Indian consumer.

"Practicality, ease and value-for-money are important to them which has led to a much-needed leap in innovation in the Indian wedding market including services such as online booking of big ticket vendors, online shopping for wedding outfits, e-vites, and more."



Source: IANS