Indian Navy capable of tackling every situation, says Admiral Lanba on deployment of PLA Navy at Gwadar

New Delhi [India], Dec.2 : Commenting on reports of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) planning to deploy its naval ships, submarines and troops to guard the Gwadar port and the USD 46 billion CPEC, India's Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Sunil Lanba on Friday said that the navy possesses the capability and assets to deal with such a development should it take place.

Asserting that a PLA nuclear submarine was deployed and did a port call at Karachi, Admiral Lanba said that the Indian Navy is keeping a close eye and monitoring its movement.

"We have capability and assets to take on any force which is deployed, and if and when this happens, we have plans in place to tackle it.

PLA nuclear submarine was deployed and did a port call at Karachi," said Admiral Lanba. "As far as deployment of PLA navy, ships and submarines are concerned, we keep a close eye and monitor their movement Further speaking on the issue, Admiral Lanba said that the PLA Navy has a different view on deployment or placement of forces at Gwadar.

According to reports, China would deploy its naval ships along with Pakistan Navy to safeguard the strategic Gwadar port and trade routes under the USD 46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a navy official here has said, shedding light on a plan likely to alarm India.

China and Pakistan are currently building the nearly 3,000-km-long economic corridor linking Pakistan's Gwadar port on the Arabian Sea with Xinjiang to improve connectivity between the two countries.

The move would open up a new and cheaper cargo route for transporting oil to China as well as the export of Chinese goods to the Middle East and Africa.

A Pakistan Navy official reportedly, said the role of maritime forces has increased since the country has made the Gwadar port operational and speeded up economic activities under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Source: ANI