Indians prefer automation over human interactions with brands: Report

Mumbai, April 27 : As businesses strive to deliver better customer experiences, Indian consumers in the country are showing a preference for automation and non-human interactions with brands, a new report said on Friday.

The findings were part of software giant Adobe's "Experience Index 2018" research unveiled at the Adobe Symposium 2018 here.

"The 'Experience Index 2018' reinforces the role of data and analytics in helping brands to understand their customers and work towards delivering incredible experiences across every touchpoint," said Kulmeet Bawa, Managing Director, South Asia, Adobe.

The research outlined areas where businesses could improve to provide engaging customer experiences: Know Me and Respect Me, Delight Me At Every Turn, Make Technology Transparent and Speak in One Voice.

Consumer expectation scores in India barely cross 50 per cent, which indicates significant room for brands to improve on customer experiences front.

"Bringing down the positive impact of 'experience makers', the overall score is adversely affecting the strong negative impact of 'experience breakers', as consumers in India are fast to penalise brands that fail to execute successfully," the findings said.

According to the research, interesting generational differences that are the biggest pain points of customers included customer service and lack of information from businesses.

However, millennials are more likely to vocalise negative experiences with a brand than older consumers who may have given up on expecting anything more.

In the 50-plus age group, 94 per cent of respondents in this group were extremely positive about technology's role in improving the quality of life.

"While older Indian consumers are increasingly relying on digital technology to cut down on time wasted on daily tasks.

No matter the age group, brands in India need to work harder at meeting the needs of consumers across generations," added Mickey Mericle, Vice President, Marketing and Customer Insights, Adobe.

Consumers in India are most impressed by new innovations that help them interact with a brand and are open to businesses implementing new ways to automate such interactions.

The findings also suggested that it is imperative for brands to provide a consistent message and experience, to cut through the clutter and present a united and consistent front to customers.



Source: IANS