India’s first same-sex love drama on its way

By Pallavi Aman Singh New Delhi, Aug 6 : For those who want a break from their daily dose of "same old" on-screen romance, there's going to be a new "other" love story in web town.

Directed by Roopa Rao, 'The 'Other' Love Story' will be India's first ever web-series that revolves around a same-sex relationship.

Roopa, who believes it is high time that someone spoke about homosexual love, thinks it is important to break this notion of lesbianism being synonymous with porn.

This is what inspired her to write a love story between two girls in the most subtle and realistic way.

Talking about her upcoming web drama she told ANI, "A love story like this has not been captured in Indian cinema so far, trust me when I say it cause I breath cinema, cinema is the only constant love affair of my life and a marriage I am fighting to keep up." She revealed that her web series is a journey about two young girls, Aadya and Aachal, who "choicelessly fall in love" and the force would be such that they act on it without thinking twice.

"Stigma, issue all that happens out there, but internally...only love sustains, longing sustains. That is what the web series is all about," she added. According to the director, "If you are a sucker for sweet romance, if your heart belongs to unadulterated 90's, if you miss the era when the internet/cell phones had not hijacked human emotions, if you want to indulge in something that you have never witnessed or something that has happened to you...(who has not been in love...the first earth shattering, life altering kind of love) - this is for you." Shweta Gupta, web drama's Aachal, told ANI: "I believe that this web series is a genuine pursuit of love.

It's going to be very refreshing for the viewers' eyes. For a long time now, no love story has been presented in such an organic and natural way. Everybody will be able to relate with it very naturally. Also, the 90's beauty is so prevalent in every shot that it's gonna make us all travel back in time. I guess that all n more makes it absolutely worth watching." Talking about her character, she said, "Every project that offers you a character which is not you is an opportunity for an actor.

And The "Other" Love Story was one such opportunity for me. Aachal is very different than Shweta because of which I had to put in good effort to bring her alive in me." Shweta, who is glad that she said yes to this drama, noted: "Working with Roopa was an absolute pleasure.

Her writing is beautiful and comes from a common person's life which makes it so relatable and nostalgic.

All the cute moments created by Roopa in the story are the life of the series. Glad I said yes to it." For Spoorthi Gumaste, who is going to be seen in the role of Aadya, the series will make you nostalgic as it is all about the love letters, long wait in the bus stop, landline phones, missed calls and an innocent love.

She told ANI: "There is this intense chemistry between Aadya and Aachal (that) is the soul of our series.

It's a beautiful love story straight from Indian streets. This can be your story, my story. The narration is very strong. The "Other" Love Story is one of its kinds." Talking about her character she said, "I am so happy to play Aadya, so happy to work with such a talented team especially Roopa and Shweta." 'The 'Other' Love Story' is all set to hit the Internet this month.

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Source: ANI