India’s handmades tale to go stronger: FabIndia MD

Jaipur, Sep 30 : Lifestyle brand FabIndia has launched an Experience Centre in Jaipur for its products across categories and services.

The Centre houses FabCafe, Tug Bug (a playing space), a wellness centre, an interior design studio and an alteration studio in addition to the other offerings.

Launching the Centre on Sunday, Fabindia, Managing Director, Viney Singh said: "We are delighted to open this Experience Centre in Jaipur as the city has a rich cultural significance.

This format has been very well received in other cities and we look forward to making the same holistic experience -- that extends from Fabcafe to the Fabindia -- available to our customers in Jaipur."

"With online emerging as the new shopping trend, it is becoming increasingly difficult to bring customers to retail stores.

We deliberated upon the best ways do that and came up with the idea of an Experience Centre, where purchase can be tranformed from being merely a transactional exchange to a more experiential and interactive experience," he said sharing the idea behind the Experience Centre.

"We thought of a space where a family could have a cafe and wellness experience while its kids played.

Improvising on the idea, we launched the first Experience Centre in Gurgaon on 2017 and now the idea has been garnering laurels," he added.

"Thousands of artisans from Rajasthan are a part of FabIndia's success story, which has been scripted keeping the idea of India in its core.

This Experience Centre will improve their prospects even more as their crafts will have a better display.

The production centres in Rajasthan will also get a boost with the increase in demand," Singh further said.

"With its legacy of handmade crafts being endorsed strongly in present times, India's handmade story will go stronger hereon.

In fact, this is the best time to celebrate the core of India as our country is being spoken about so positively across the world," he said.



Source: IANS