India’s trust in PM Modi grows stronger: IANS-CVoter tracker

New Delhi, May 3 : The trust level of Indians in Prime Minister Narendra Modi has zoomed in the last two years with more than three fourths, or 76.3 per cent, expressing "lot of trust", according to the IANS-CVoter tracker conducted across the country.

PM Modi's ratings have galloped as compared to 2018 when 58.6 per cent respondents in the tracker had expressed "lot of trust" in his leadership.

The spectacular ratings come at a time when India is battling coronavirus and PM Modi's handling of the situation has drawn praise within the country and globally also.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has praised the Modi government's decision to put in place a coronavirus lockdown across India.

"World Health Organisation commends India's timely and tough actions to stop COVID19.

It may be early to talk about results in numbers, but a six-week nationwide lock down to facilitate effective physical distancing, coupled with expansion of core public health measures such as detection, isolation and tracing contact of Covid-19 positive people, would go a long way in arresting the virus spread," WHO had said.

The net trust factor in the tracker, which is a measure of trust shows that 69.8 per cent respondents have shown a lot of trust in PM Modi's leadership as against a much smaller number of 42.3 per cent in 2018, a massive positive change of 27.5 per cent.

Those who showed no trust at all have come down to only 6.5 per cent compared to a higher 16.3 percent in 2018.

The trust in another important institution of the Chief Minister was conducted only in 2020 and was not asked in 2018, so it is not comparable, as per the tracker.

A lot of trust has been expressed by 58.9 per cent respondents, while 25.8 per cent said some trust in the institution and 10.6 per cent said no trust at all.

On the whole, the trust factor in the institution of the CM is going strong.



Source: IANS