Indira called Savarkar ‘remarkable son of India’: Ram Madhav tweets

New Delhi, Dec 17 : A letter written in 1980 has become the latest weapon in the hands of Bharatiya Janata Party, which has come back to haunt the Congress party.

As Savarkar dominated the political discourse of the country, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav released a letter written by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi dated May 20, 1980, wherein she is seen praising the role played by Savarkar in the freedom struggle, something the present day Congress refuses to acknowledge.

The letter notes "Savarkar's daring defiance of the British government".

Gandhi also acknowledged the "important place" Savarkar had created for himself in the "freedom movement".

The letter which was written to Pandit Bakhle, the then Secretary of the Swatantrayaveer Savarkar Rashtriya Smarak, said: "I wish success to the plans to celebrate the birth centenary of this remarkable son of India".

Now, this goes completely against the Congress' stated position that Savarkar -- the Hindutva icon -- had very little or no role in the freedom struggle.

Indira Gandhi's grandson and former party chief Rahul Gandhi recently sparked off controversy with his thunderous declaration: "My name is not Savarkar", after being asked to apologise for his "Rape in India".

Rahul Gandhi's remark was uttered with an intent to suggest that Savarkar had apologised his way out of prison, during the British Raj.

It created such a big row that it found resonance inside the Maharashtra Assembly too. Where BJP members walked in the premises with saffron caps with "Mee Pan Savarkar" (I am also Savarkar) printed on it, there was also an atmosphere of discomfiture among the Maha Vikas Aghadi alliance.

BJP was quick to take a dig at the former Congress President, who has been missing in action, ever since the winter session of Parliament ended.

Ram Madhav took to Twitter to simply post the copy of Indira Gandhi's letter heaping praise on the same personality along with the text: "Indira Gandhi's message on Savarkar's birth centenary".

Within a couple of hours, the BJP General Secretaries' tweet went viral with more than 1,200 retweets and above 3,200 'likes'.



Source: IANS