Indo Count forays into domestic home textile market with ‘Boutique Living’

New Delhi, Aug.11 : Indo Count Retail Ventures P. Ltd (ICRVL), a subsidiary of Indo Count Industries Limited (ICIL), today announced its entry into Rs.13000 crore domestic bed linen market with the launch of 'Boutique Living' range of Bed Linen products.

Range of 'Boutique Living' products will be available across the country by the month-end. With their expertise and understanding of the industry, Indo Count has become a leading export oriented textile manufacturer and a preferred partner for some of the best-known global retail, hospitality and fashion-brands.

Vertically integrated manufacturing already in place, the company has committed Rs.25 crore for strengthening its domestic sales, marketing networks and logistics.

"With growing exports, we thought it is right time to introduce our high quality affordable products for Indian consumers.

The vertically integrated manufacturing facilities make our products for domestic market affordable and we are all set to meet the growing domestic demand as well," Mr.

Mohit Jain, Managing Director, ICIL said. "We are targeting to capture about 25% share of the bed linen market in the next 5 years", Mr. Asim Dalal, Managing Director, ICRVL. "Boutique Living, as the name suggests, is an aspirational brand launched by us to showcase its refined quality bed linen offerings.

With robust R (and) D, technical know-how and in-house production, the brand offers the Indian consumer superior quality products ranging from 300 TC - 1000 TC", he added.

Boutique Living Innovative products have some unmatched specialties which distinguishable them from others.

Innovative bed linen products such as Rejuve and Fahrenheit Sheets offer not only comfort but health benefits as well.

The products have unique specialties in terms of health benefits like skin care, temperature control and other therapeutic effects.

"The product range starts from Rs.2000 per bedsheet set and goes up to Rs.8000 for a premium category, over all Indo Count is offering 139 product-designs and themes to cater to every customer's individual needs and tastes", informed Mr.

Dalal. Unveiling its Launch Collection of 'Boutique Living' the company exhibited a range of luxury, colors and patterns inspired from across the globe.

The collection comprises of four ranges with various sub-ranges that are crafted with innovation and technology.

The wide range include The Highlife - A range of luxury bed linen - with six sub ranges of Vignette (400 TC), Elegante (400 TC), Marrakesh (300 TC), Serenity (600 TC), Infinity (1000 TC) and Dobby (400 TC)}and other ranges includes YAH (Young @ Heart), Trendsetter and Refresh.

Under Refresh range, the company is offering a unique product that is -Fahrenheit Sheets 37 (360 TC). "Every night, human body undergoes a remarkable temperature change. This extreme change of temperature sometimes causes discomfort while sleeping. The Fahrenheit sheets come with a special feature of absorbing heat, i.e. storing heat (and) releasing heat, as and when required by the body. This phase-changing material enables comfortable sleep. After a hard day's work, earn yourselves those eight hours of undisruptive sleep. Add Fahrenheit sheets to your daily needs, for a healthy sleep," Mr. Dalal said. Under Refresh category, the company is offering yet another innovative product that is - Rejuve (300 TC) which is a therapeutic range collection with the benefits of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil.

The range offers wrinkle -free bed sheets and has a silky hand feel due to Jojoba oil. Aloe Vera helps the skin retain moisture and prevents it from drying and cracking. It is a strong skin care expert..

Source: ANI