Inflammatory pamphlets on CAA, NRC concern intel agencies

New Delhi, Dec 18 : Circulation of pamphlets with inflammatory literature about the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in the Muslim-dominated areas in the national capital is giving nightmares to intelligence agencies.

In an inflammatory pamphlet titled 'Do or Die Against NRC, CAB (CAA)', the people have been urged to assemble after Friday prayers on December 20 to protests against the CAA.

"We are trying to identify the people who are circulating false literature," said a senior IPS officer with intelligence agencies.

The sleuths are also trying to trace the origin of the pamphlet in circulation in Trilokpuri, Okhla, Chand Bagh, Karwal Nagar, Abu Fazal Enclave and the Jama Masjid area.

The security agencies have approached Muslim clerics and influential people of the community to clarify what the CAA and NRC are all about.

They have also urged Muslim leaders to counter the inflammatory literature in circulation.

Further, the agencies have stated that protests will continue for some time and will have communal repercussions.

"The demonstrations/protests will not be limited to campuses. It's spreading in Delhi, especially in the Muslim-dominated areas," they said.

"Mobilisation and congregations" had started and "these congregations" were getting "political patronage", they said.

Further, the law enforcement agencies have been asked to take swift action against the people circulating inflammatory literature on social media platforms and also to identify the people behind such materials.

"We are using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the deep fake videos appearing in social media," said an officer heading a unit in an intelligence agency.

"There is an urgent need to brief and sensitise security staff, local police, and other personnel of security forces deployed in the sensitive areas," the intelligence agencies suggested the local police.

"Adequate arrangements by the police, including woman cops, traffic police, security and police control room should be made to tackle any situation," it said.

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Source: IANS