Intolerant BJP cannot point fingers at others, says Kharge

New Delhi [India], Nov. 8 : Mocking Union Information and Broadcasting Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu for criticizing the Congress over the banning of news channel NDTV India, Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge on Tuesday said the Centre lacks tolerance and must not point fingers at others.

"There is a lot of intolerance in this government. For a successful democracy, it is important to have tolerance. If the government does not have tolerance and cannot work according to the Constitution, and its trying to point a finger on the Congress, then it is funny," said Kharge.

Kharge described Naidu as a frustrated individual facing several party-related controversies like the channel ban and Dalit atrocities.

Naidu said the Congress has no right to criticize the Centre over the NDTV India ban because if they point fingers, it will revert on them.

He said people who are criticising this ban are the same people who had put an artist behind bars for his cartoons.

"Congress has no right to criticize, if they point fingers, it will revert to them. They have curtailed the press and civil freedom during the Emergency. During the emergency, people were put behind bars, democratic rights were trampled, civil liberties were curtailed, and censorship was imposed on the media.

That party is talking about democracy and fundamental rights," he said. He also said the Congress party is frustrated because they are losing power in state after state..

Source: ANI