Involve financial advisers, Delhi government tells officials

New Delhi, Sep 23 : The Delhi government has directed all administrative Secretaries to involve Integrated Financial Advisers (IFA) in all proposals related to different departments that have economic and financial implications, official sources said on Sunday.

In an official memorandum, the Finance Department said that it had come to notice that IFAs were not being involved in key processes and activities "which have clear economic and financial dimensions and decision-making processes".

It directed the departments to take the views of the IFAs in budget formulation, expenditure management, procurement and contract, accounts and audit, grant and loans, and screening of proposals.

"The role and responsibilities of IFAs have been clearly spelt out in various communications of both Central and Delhi governments, as well as in the delegation of Financial Power Rules, 1978," the memorandum dated September 17 issued by Principal Secretary (Finance) Renu Sharma read.

"All administrative secretaries are hereby requested to involve the Integrated Financial Advisers in all proposals that have clear economic and financial implications," it added.



Source: IANS