Islam doesn’t allow terrorism: Afghan President Ghani

New Delhi [India], Sept. 14 : Maintaining that it is unacceptable to speak about Terrorism in the name of Islam as it doesn't allow terrorism, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday said that terrorism must be condemned, calling on the world to stand together against the evil.

"It is unacceptable to speak in the name of Islam, Islam doesn't allow terrorism. Terrorism must be condemned and we must stand together to condemn it," Ghani said while speaking at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses here.

Ghani was of the opinion that terrorist organisations change very rapidly, even if their objectives remain the same.

"States do not behave like maligned non states actors vis-a-vis their neighbours. They see a collective security to be an objective to bring stability. Stability does not come from the barrel of the gun," Ghani said. He further stated that making distinction between good and bad terrorism is an approach enormously short sighted and those who think they can manipulate the psychology of this phenomenon or affect the pathology of are mistaken.

"Terrorism will bite probably like a snake. States need to have a common perspective.I hope I am wrong, but terrorism is not a passing threat. It is not a one-two year phenomenon," he pointed out. He also threw light upon what he called a war was prevailing in Pakistan, which has not been highlighted by media.

"There is war in Pakistan which media doesn't speak about, there are 207,000 Pakistani forces in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan..This violence needs coverage and understanding and needs to be stopped," he added.

Meanwhile, on being asked if Afghanistan supports an independent Balochistan, he replied, "We don't use our territory for destabilization." Talking about Pakistan he said, "Pakistan is a revisionist state, every defeat is celebrated as victory; every intelligence failure is confirmation of a conspiracy theory.

While asserting that Kabul does not permit its territory to be used against its neighbours, Ghani reiterated that his country behaves like a responsible state despite being under attack.

Throwing light on his country, Ghani said, "Afghanistan is at crossroads, it's no longer a landlocked country, those who block us will be blocked." He, however, pointed out that despite being a landlocked country, Afghanistan thinks openly, while Pakistan has access to the sea and think like a landlocked country.

He also lauded the bonding between India and Afghanistan and said, "Why are we concerned that a country (Pakistan) can block two great nations (India-Afghan) from trade? Anyway with Chabahar the monopoly will end." Ghani, who is on a two-day working earlier in the day met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed regional situation and expressed concern at the continued use of terrorism and violence in the region for achieving political objective.

Three agreements were signed during Ghani's visit- the Extradition Treaty, the agreement on cooperation in civil and commercial matters and the memorandum of understanding on cooperation in peaceful uses of outer space.

Prime Minister Modi also announced a credit of USD one billion to Kabul..

Source: ANI