Israel denies involvement in Iraqi Kurdistan referendum

Tel Aviv [Israel], October 2 : Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rebuffed the claims by the Turkish Government of Israeli involvement in the Kurdish referendum in Iraq.

"Israel has no links to the referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan's independence, but sympathises with the Kurds' aspiration for independence," Sputnik International quoted the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as saying on Sunday.

"There's no link except for Israel's years-long deep natural sympathy for the Kurdish people and their aspirations," he added.

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had, on Tuesday, said that Israel was the only country that supported and recognised the Kurdish referendum in Iraq, adding that "Israel though will not be able to help Erbil in the event of an economic blockade." Erdogan further asserted that the Israeli intelligence services could have "helped the organisers of the referendum." The independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan was held on Monday.

92.7 per cent of the voters cast their ballot in support of the independence from Iraq..

Source: ANI