It isn’t ok to feel weak, because we aren’t weaker sex: Katrina

Mumbai [India], Dec. 7 : Katrina Kaif, who was at the 'WeUnite' conference yesterday to express her views on sensitive issues related to women, urged them to speak out against atrocities, marital rape and other crimes committed against them.

"I would urge women to speak out. It is not ok to feel inferior or weak because we are not the weaker sex by any stretch of imagination.

We may be more emotional. But that makes us care givers and mothers," she said here. "The world has largely been led by patriarchal societies and women have, through the years, largely remained quiet in the face of atrocities rather than speak out against them," the 33-year-old actress continued explaining.

Further speaking about the marital rapes, she said that educated women largely remain quiet about marital rape as a majority of Indian society does not recognise it as a crime.

"I know of educated women, who remain silent in the face of violence because they are afraid to confront societal norms and have fingers pointed in their direction, especially, when the majority of our society fails to recognize marital rape as a crime," Kaif said.

"India had a woman as the head of state, way before the United kingdom, a feat United states of America has not managed to achieve as of yet.

Which is why it is surprising to hear about gender inequality here in India. And sadly we do. On a daily basis, there are shocking stories about the violent crimes made against women. Yet, I can only imagine how many other crimes against women in India go unreported," she added..

Source: ANI