Italy-based Ylati comes to ‘promising’ Indian market

New Delhi, May 10 : Italy-based sneaker brand Ylati has made its entry in the Indian market and Luca Martino, the founder of the company, feels that the "promising country" has lot of potential for International brands like this one.

"I actually happen to know a friend in India who was also a stylist and was impressed with my shoes.

We spoke and decided that I would ship across some shoes from Italy and so it was a hit.

"Until now, celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi and Sushant Singh Rajput has worn our shoes," he told IANS .

"With the outstanding response we received, I decided it was the right time to enter the Indian market.

India is the right market place to showcase our range of products.

"The Indian consumer market has a lot of potential and is very promising.

Being home to a diverse audience there is something for everyone it has to offer. Thus we bring in our range of luxury sneakers that are designed with premium hand-crafted leather with an artisan approach, keeping in mind style, sophistication and comfort," added Martino.

The brand has been brought to India by Superkicks that recently opened its first multi-brand sneaker store in Mumbai.

Sangeet Paryani, founder of Superkicks India, says that the Indian market especially the footwear segment, has a lot of scope.

"Recently we have seen a rise in fashion conscious consumers that are demanding high quality products that are voguish in a certain manner.

There is an increase in the significance of footwear and pairing it with your everyday wardrobe which is leading to an upsurge in the demand of footwear day by day.

This is thus leading to better growth prospects of footwear industry," he said.

Ylati offers luxury sneakers at affordable rates starting from Rs 13,000.



Source: IANS