It’s challenging to reinvent as an artiste: American DJ

New Delhi, Feb 15 : American DJ and record producer Jason Ross says reinventing as an artiste is challenging but fun.

"I think it's challenging (to reinvent as an artiste) but at the same time it's fun.

It is exciting as this is what we love to do as an artist. Continue to push the boundaries, learn new things and continue to involve as an artist," Ross told IANS through a recorded response.

"I think artistes are never really satisfied where they are. They always want to learn something, and want to get better and better. It's an exciting challenge," he added.

Ross, who performed in India for the first time at Vh1 Supersonic 2018 in Pune, is pushing his boundaries by exploring new styles and genre.

"I think it's just what I have done recently... new styles, new genres, styles of different songs; getting more into song writing, getting more into vocal writing and stuff like that."

Ross is known for producing trance and progressive house music, and has played with record producers like Tiesto and Avicii.

Asked about his process of making music, he said: "That's a big one. I really just have been travelling getting inspired from the people I meet the places I go, to taking that and transforming that into emotions, then melody into energetic groves and rhythms..stuff like that. It's combination of what I like to put out and also what I take in travels and life."

What music trends will make it big this year?

"I think trance already is becoming more popular, so, I think definitely, it is one genre you're going to see getting some momentum," he said.



Source: IANS