It’s the lock up if you get drunk in public: Sisodia

New Delhi [India], Nov. 8 : People found drinking liquor in public will be locked said Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday.

"If a person will consumes alcohol in public, then they have to pay the fine, will be locked up and case will be filled against them.

So, it is better for them to be careful from now onwards," Sisodia said. Sisodia further that the government has asked the high court to provide mobile magistrates, so that fines can be imposed on the spot.

The fine for drinking in public is Rs 5,000 and the amount will be doubled if if anyone creates nuisance in public after drinking, he said.

The government would also run a campaign to dissuade people from drinking in the open and make them aware of the rules.

Source: ANI