It’s time to stop Instagramming your food

London [UK], May 9 : Are you one of those who always put pictures of your food on Instagram? You might want to think that again.

A research states that capturing your food before you eat it can actually be detrimental to both of you.

The research found that photographing food can make it less enjoyable to eat. Marketing professors at BYU Marriott School of Management also found that over-exposure to images of food can affect a person's satiation.

As reported by The Independent, "When we Instagram, we inherently must focus our attention on the item in the picture, even for that very brief moment.

This can have a range of effects on later enjoyment," said study's co-author Professor Joseph Redden. He further added, "For example, we can savour an upcoming indulgent treat if the Instagram post triggers quick thoughts about eating that food, or a dish can seem more special by the mere fact that we've decided it qualifies as an Instagram moment." The study also explained that people already get tired of the food before they even start eating it.

"However, if we spend too much time repeatedly viewing such foods, our paper suggests this can lead to pre-satiation.

That is, you're already a bit tired of the food before you even start eating it," Redden shared. Though he is not making any health claims, but the author feels that his focus is on how images can affect how much a person wants to part with their cash.

Redden said, "Like much advertising, our work suggest the effectiveness of the ad will diminish with more exposures.

Unlike most products, though, we found for food it can also have this unexpected effect of making the product experience itself less enjoyable when the product is ultimately consumed." There have been many cases in France and New York, where chefs made headlines by threatening to ban cameras and phones from their restaurants.

He , "I think flashes in a restaurant at night time is just not on because it's not fair on the other diners with the reflection in the glass and also I still have an issue, who knows if somebody takes a picture, somebody on the next table is sitting there with someone they shouldn't be sitting there with, it's an invasion of privacy on the person.".

Source: ANI