Ivanka Trump to discontinue ‘fine jewelry’ line

New York [U.S.], Mar. 15 : Ivanka Trump's fine jewelry line has hit the skids, as the brand is now set to turn its focus on costume jewelry, which comes with an increased accessibility factor.

Abigail Klem, president of the first daughter's brand of companies, confirmed to The New York Times Monday that Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry is being discontinued, reports CNN.

Klem further said that the brand is now committed to "offering solution-oriented products at accessible price points." On the high end of the fine jewelry line, is a woven diamond necklace for (Dollar) 19,500, and the lower side, a simple rose gold ring with a price tag of (Dollar) 940.

Ivanka herself is often seen wearing the (Dollar) 2,900 "Patras" studs In February, President Donald Trump's senior counselor Kellyanne Conway said during a live interview that people should go out and buy Ivanka Trump's clothing, which had recently been dropped by Nordstrom.

Ivanka's sales reportedly went up dramatically, however, Conway's move also came under the radar of the Office of Government Ethics.

Ivanka had announced in January she has stepped away from leadership of her corporate roles, both at her brand and her job in the Trump Organization, saying that she has turned her focus to building a new life for her family in Washington and serving as informal adviser to her father.

Source: ANI