IvyCamp, Zhucloud tie-up to promote investment into Indian startup ecosystem

New Delhi [India], Sep 30 : IvyCamp an initiative of IvyCap Ventures and Zhucloud, an initiative of Incapital has announced their partnership to provide Chinese investors access to Indian startups.

The partnership will particularly bring visibility for Indian startups on IvyCamp's platform to a large base of Chinese investors via Zhucloud.

Over 30 Chinese early stage VC funds such as Cyber Carrier, Fenghou Capital, Legend Capital, Plum Ventures, Grand View Capital, K2VC, Hill House Capital, Fusion Capital, Heli Capital and Chengwei Capital, are a part of this initiative.

These are early stage funds that invest from USD 200K up to USD two million in early stage startups and are expected to scout for and invest in Indian startups in Healthcare, Fintech, e-commerce and IOT.

Over the next few months the partnership will facilitate pitches by startups to this pool of investors by organising pitch events in the cities of Mumbai and Bangalore in November 2016.

The event is designed to provide a platform to Chinese investors to interact directly with Indian startups.

"We are very excited to partner with IvyCamp that has a strong global Alumni connect which mirrors our philosophy.

We have seen interest from the Chinese investment community to invest in Indian Startups and through this partnership we aim to facilitate these investments," said Director of Incapital, Eric Shu.

IvyCamp and Zhucloud will also cross leverage knowledge, by getting Chinese mentors who are highly accomplished in their fields of work and leading Chinese Incubators and Accelerators onto the IvyCamp platform to enable huge value add to the Indian startup ecosystem.

Dr. Anju Gupta, President and Co-founder of IvyCamp said: "This partnership is another step forward in promoting our Indian startups globally and helping them get the resources and knowledge they need to be successful.

Our philosophy to leverage the Alumni networks to help entrepreneurs be successful resonates with ecosystems across countries and this partnership is an example of how powerful this connect can be." IvyCamp is India's first Unified Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform that leverages the Global Alumni Networks to help entrepreneurs become successful.

Ivycamp not only supports entrepreneurs but actually helps build new entrepreneurs, by connecting them with mentors, investors, incubation centers and other resources - all built through Alumni networks.

In addition, through the platform, Ivycamp partners with educational institutions to connect, support and grow its entrepreneurial ecosystems.

This collaboration is yet another sign of increasing global interest in India's start-up landscape. As per NASSCOM, India is home to the third largest base for startups in the world. It is a hyper growth inflection point for the Indian start-up ecosystem, with growth, capital and acquisitions all coming together creating a perfect storm.

Key indicators such as opportunities existing in the domestic market, access to capital/mentors, and increased M and A and consolidation activities clearly point towards the new evolution of the ecosystem.

Given this pace of growth, if the landscape continues to evolve, then by the end of 2020 more than 11,500 start-ups are expected to get established in India, generating employment opportunities for more than 250,000 people.

Source: ANI