Jackie Shroff urges young couples to be aware of thalassemia

Mumbai, April 18 : Actor Jackie Shroff has urged young couples to be aware about thalassemia and to go for a blood test before planning a family so that the next generation can be born free of the condition.

As brand ambassador of Thalassemia India, Jackie told IANS: "The basic fact is that if both the parents are thalassemia minors, then the possibility is high that the child would be born as thalassemia major.

So, I urge all the new young couples who are planning for a baby, should check their blood beforehand.

"It will save a life.

Otherwise, going through blood transfusions every after 15 days is so painful. We should try from our end to bring a child into this world thalassemia-free."

Jackie started creating awareness about the condition -- an inherited blood disorder -- from a very personal level.

Sharing why he feels for the cause deeply, he said: "My daughter Krishna could have been a thalassemia major if my mother-in-law wasn't aware of it.

When my wife was pregnant, she only suggested her to check our blood and we found out that both of us are thalassemia minors.

"We were apprehensive that our baby could be a thalassemia major. So, she started taking injections and medicine accordingly," said the actor.

It was an eye-opener for him.

"The little awareness of my mother-in-law saved the life of our daughter.

I thought the best way to bring a new thalassemia-free generation is by creating awareness among new couples.

So I started it at a very personal level around me."



Source: IANS