Jammu: ‘Red Beacon’ laden VIP car crushes teen to death

Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) June 2 : In a tragic development, a 13-year-old was killed after he was hit by a VIP car, as alleged by his distraught parents in Jammu.

As per Paramjeet Thapa, the father of Purshotam Kumar, he had gone to the nearby shop to buy some curd and was hit by a Bolero car.

"My son was crushed to death by the car of a VIP person and it had no number plate. They didn't even help my son. I took him on my scooter to the hospital. If those people would have helped me then today my son would have been alive," Kumar told ANI. He added that the incident happened five days ago but still the police have not helped him in the matter.

"The car carried a beacon which indicated it was a VIP car and therefore the police is not helping me," Kumar asserted.

However, the Station House Officer (SHO) Sajjad Mir has asserted that the police is probing into the case and that the CCTV footage is clear proof of the crime.

"They are studying the footage and are in touch with the family. The Bolero has a beacon on the top and the police is in search of the car," Mir said. He added that they registered the case the moment they got to know about it. "The post mortem has been done and the investigation has started. We have collected every video footage around the area," Mir said..

Source: ANI