Japanese companies in India rise 5%

New Delhi, Dec 21 : The total number of Japanese companies in India increased by five per cent over last year to 1,369, while the number of Japanese business establishments, or companies with a liaison or branch office in India, increased by six per cent to 4,838.

The Embassy of Japan in a statement said over the last one year, the number of companies has increased by 64 (5 per cent growth) as compared to 1,305, as of October 2016.

Similarly, the number of establishments has increased by 248 (6 per cent growth) as compared to 4,590, as of October 2015.

In Haryana and Maharashtra, the number of Japanese companies and establishments increased more than that in any other states in the survey 2017.

Manufacturing sector accounts for half of the Japanese companies and a third of the Japanese business establishments in India.

Further, more and more Japanese companies have entered the service sector as a new trend.

On the other hand, some companies downsized their business or turned non-Japanese due to restructuring and change of ownership, it said.



Source: IANS