Japanese technology helps to improve public transport and food safety in Asia

New Delhi [India], Nov 3 : Thailand is one of the few countries in South-east Asia, which continues to grow.

However, capital Bangkok is facing traffic congestion because of influx of more people looking for better opportunities.

For the alleviation of the traffic congestion, a new Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) line has been built.

Called as Purple Line, it serves as an alternative transportation means from Nonthaburi Province, which is experiencing a rapid growth in population, to the downtown area of Bangkok.

Construction was initiated in 2012 and it starts operating in August this year. Japanese firm Meidensha Corporation and its Meiden Group supplies the power transmission and distribution system to this metropolitan line.

"Meiden Group in charge of the power transmission and distribution (T and D) system for the rail, which is indispensable for the operation of the electric railway system, and has supplied and installed two high voltage power receiving substations, ten DC substations, and 16 power facilities for rail stations," said General Manager Rail Project, Meiden Asia, Osamu Hidaka.

The technicians at the subsidiary of Meiden Group in Thailand, who in charge of the construction, are proud of being part of the project.

"Thai Meidensha was the contractor of installation and testing of the electrical system for the Purple Line.

I was in charge of the construction. I am very pleased about the service started as scheduled, being part of such infrastructure construction project, as well as being able to contribute and serve to the development of Thailand," said Deputy GM Sales and Engineering Thai Meidensha, Pornthewa Wanakhacornkrai.

Purple Line is the first railway project by any Japanese firm in Thailand. However, there are more projects on going in Southeast Asia where Japanese firms are contributing. Starting with Japan, Meidensha has been the supplier of electrical facilities for rail systems for a large number of railway companies, such as major countries like Philippine, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia in Southeast Asia, and Dubai in the Middle East.

Also, we are very experienced in local construction, in addition to equipment manufacturing, is capable to provide total support for electrical facilities for rail systems.

In any country, traffic congestion is an issue. Starting from Thailand, many city railway projects have been planned in the Southeast Asia. Meidensha is looking forward to be part of it. With a food safety theme, many related firms participated in the Food Safety 2016 event. There was a presentation of food processing and assembly line that uses high precision video recording and inspection equipment.

This electrolytic hypochlorite water generator is a machine that produces sterile water. It's safe since no drugs are used and it has the same sterling power with drugs. "This is the metal detector, and this is the machine that checks if there are foreign substances mixed in the food.

This is a machine that checks the product's weight. If any metal is mixed in or if the weight exceeds a certain limit, the item will be removed by the sorting device.

This is the IX X-ray inspection device, which inspects foreign substances other than metal after checking the weight," said a Participant.

The images of the finished products are recorded with the one-shot recording device. Also, the overall situation of the assembly line is recorded by the CCTV. With the collaboration of companies specializing in different fields, food can be safer..

Source: ANI