Jasmin Bhasin on Aly Goni: Hope it blossoms into something more beautiful

Mumbai, Feb 9 : Evicted contestant Jasmin Bhasin has opened up about her relationship with Bigg Boss 14 housemate Aly Goni.

She hopes that her blossoming romance with him grows into something more beautiful and great things happen.

Aly entered the ongoing season of Bigg Boss a few weeks after the show began to lend support to his 'lady love' Jasmin.

Soon, the two grew close.

"It is all about this beautiful feeling that there was, this realisation that it means more than friendship.

When I got evicted it became such an emotional moment for us. That whole thing was very heart-touching for me and also something that is every girl's dream -- to be loved like this.

It is a beautiful thing that both of us feel -- feeling in love is a beautiful feeling," Jasmin told IANS.

She added: "Lets see how it goes once he comes out we will discuss it, because for us also it's very new.

Both of us are also like, 'how do we sink this in?'. It feels great."

Does she see this feeling blossoming into something more? "I hope that it blossoms into something more beautiful and great things happen to me.

I am hoping for that, and even Aly is. Let's see how things are once he is also out."

She added: "He has always had his life and I have led my life.

We've been friends but this realisation is a very new feeling for us, so once he is out we'll explore it," she said.



Source: IANS