Jay Sean all set to woo his fans after three years

Karachi, Aug. 7 : After a long hiatus of three years, singer Jay Sean is all set to enthral his fans with a new single and he wants them to know that he is back to make them party.

According to a report in The Express Tribune, the British singer and songwriter said, "I do understand that in this day and age if you disappear for too long, people think you actually died." The 37-year-old 'Ride it' hit maker parted with Cash Money Records in 2014 with whom he had a five-year relationship.

The split was driven by a lengthy legal dispute and it left Sean silent in several ways. "I could not talk about it. There's a lot of things we can't talk about, legally. I couldn't say to my fans, in interviews, what's going on. All I could keep saying was, 'it's coming, it's coming,' and hope that my fans understand," he said. The British singer, who is now associated to Sony, said there are no grudges between him and his former associate and co-founder of the label Bryan Birdman Williams.

Speaking about his summer release, 'Make My Love Go', Sean said, "What I think I wanted to achieve with this song was to make people feel good, which is, I think, what I'm really known for with my music." "People always tell me, when I want to get in the mood of a party or when I'm at a party and they put a Jay Sean song on I feel happy.

And so I thought, let's hit them up with something like that," he added..

Source: ANI