Jayalalithaa’s former nurse backs Sasikala, declares her as the true heir

Punjab [India], Feb. 12 : Piramila Visagan, the nurse of Jayalalithaa in 2001, on Sunday refuted reports that V.K. Sasikala shared bitter relations with J. Jayalalithaa and declared the AIADMK general secretary to be the true heir of the late chief minister.

"Sasikala has the capacity as well as the capability to carry forward the policies of Jayalaithhaa and I believe that unwanted elements will not be successful in stopping her.

Sasikala, not only has the support of AIADMK leaders but also of the people. She has the capacity to make Tamil Nadu number greater again," Visagan told ANI. Describing the bonhomie shared between Sasikala and Jayalalithaa, Visagan said, "Jayalalithaa and Saikala share pure relationship.

They were like sisters. In fact, not only as a sister, Sasikkala used to act like mother to Jayalalithaa. Sasikala often acted as stress reliever to Jayalalithaa." Quashing reports that Sasikala was behind Jayalalithaa's death, Visagan said that it is an unjustifiable allegation.

"Reports are floating that Sasikala has done something to Jayalalithaa is totally unacceptable, as nothing of this sort can happen between them.

It is an unethical and unjustifiable allegation. Sasikala was the one who took care of Jayalalithaa because they shared a very good bond. Sasikala was with Jayalalithaa for 34 years. So how can this be possible?" she said. Visagan even expressed confidence that Sasikala would form the government as she is backed by the majority of AIADMK MLAs.

Source: ANI