JK Rowling shows hidden art talent with Potter drawings

London [England], Aug. 31 : After making millions of fans worldwide of her fantastic fiction writing, JK Rowling shows off her hidden talent for drawing.

Seven such wonderful pencil drawn sketches by Rowling have found their way onto the Pottermore website, showing early renditions Harry, Snape, the Weasley family, and Dumbledore, reports the Independent.

The most impressive bit about the sketches was its core resemblance to the on-screen adaptation. However, the biggest difference is the hilarious huge pointy hats that would rather be donned by the Wicked Witch of the West than Daniel Radcliffe's version of The-Boy-Who-Lived.

Meanwhile, the eighth part in the Harry Potter series, 'The Cursed Child', was recently released in book form and broke all book selling records.

A trilogy of new stories set in the wizarding world - Fantastic Beasts - will hit cinemas in the coming years, the first part being released later this year.

Source: ANI