JobsForHer announces mentorship opportunities for women re-starters with ‘Speed Mentoring Roadshow’

New Delhi [India], Nov 22 : Connecting portal that enables women on a professional break to restart their careers and achieve full potential JobsForHer has announced a comprehensive mentorship programme 'Speed Mentoring Roadshow' to equip women with proper industry guidance before they re-launch their career.

The event will begin from November 28th, 2016 and will be held on six consecutive days in six different cities.

JobsForHer is partnering with BackToTheFront and ExtraMile. Each event will witness participation from key industry leaders from diverse fields like IT, FMCG, Education, E-commerce, Media, etc.

Additionally, it will be an excellent networking opportunity for women on a professional break as they re-launch their career in an informed manner.

This is a combined outreach and talent-hunt initiative for companies who care about strengthening their workforce in more ways than one.

"While studying hiring trends in India, we observed that most companies find it difficult to recruit experienced, qualified, and diverse talent within the female workforce.

One of the biggest reasons for this scenario is the fact that most women in our country are forced to sacrifice a promising career to take up other responsibilities that are limited to their family and household," said Co-Founder JobsForHer, Neha Bagaria.

"These days, many individuals seek out mentors in the corporate world, who can give them a sense of purpose, direction, and inspiration in their careers.

Inspired by such facts, we decided to provide women re-launchers with a one-of-a-kind mentorship opportunity in partnership with JobsForHer and ExtraMile, which can benefit them in the long run.

It is a unique symbiosis of giving/receiving knowledge and self-fulfillment for working people, in what is otherwise a selfish, rat-race world," said Founder and Director BackToTheFront, Anjali Gulati.

Recognized and respected industry leaders like Anuja Kishore (Director-Human resources) TeachForIndia, Jaya Virwani, D (and) I Head, EY Global Delivery Services, and many more will address groups of up to 10 women for 15 minutes each, before moving on to the next set, at the venue.

In those 15 minutes, participants attending the event will receive insights and advice on how to pursue and achieve their career goals after coming off of a break, and will also get to ask the mentors questions about their personal career paths.

Furthermore, mentors from various industries will get to spot talent during these speed mentoring sessions as well as contribute to mobilizing the country's latent workforce in a drive to boost India's economy like never before.

Source: ANI