Josh Talks LEAP: Creating a new wave of enthusiasm

New Delhi [India], Oct 22 : Josh Talks, an innovative start up founded by Shobhit Banga and Supriya Paul in 2014, kicked off its 2 day conference LEAP today at the Thyagaraj Stadium amidst high achievers from all walks of life - dreamers and doers, leaders and change makers, technologists and entrepreneurs.

Josh Talks aims to use power of stories to inspire individuals to pursue their passions. LEAP is a platform that showcases stories of remarkable people and projects in the form of short, high impact talks.

Renowned people who shared their experience as a speaker on day 1 of the conference included Zeishan Qadri (Bollywood Director), Sonam Wangchuk (Educator), Babita Kumari (Olympian), Sofia Ashraf (Rapper), Arunachalam Muruganantham (Social Entrepreneur), Deepak Ramola (Working with Syrian Refugees), Vicky Roy (Photographer), Kuldeep Dantewadia (Founder of Reap Benefit), Robin Chaurasiya (Rehabilitating Daughters of Sex Workers), Vineeth Vincent (Musician and Beatboxer), Ryan Martyr (contemporary dancer) and Harsh Songra (Founder, My child app).

Speaking about the significance of this platform, Shobhit Banga (and) Supriya Paul, co-founders Josh Talks said, "Ideas change the world.

The power of a new idea is the engine that transforms the way we live and think. Our country was founded on one. We share ideas of those who are changing the world today, people from across fields who are doing work that will shape the future that we live in.

We intend to take Josh Talks to the last mile in this country to give latent talent hidden in every nook and corner a platform to be inspired and be part of something special." The event was attended by over 3600 people, across age groups.

The main topic of discussion on the day was how to innovate in daily life so as to find one's purpose in life despite challenges.

All speakers not only emphasized how much they love what they do but also how they relentlessly followed their passion to get where they are today.

Source: ANI