Jung needs to get out of ‘British Raj’ mindset, says Satyendra Jain

New Delhi [India], Aug. 27 : Delhi Home Minister Satyender Kumar Jain on Saturday said that Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung needs to get out of his "British Raj" mindset of controlling a duly elected city government, and serve the people of the national capital.

"He has started thinking as if he is back in the 'British Raj' and can rule again. He has the authority to serve the people and not to overturn decisions. They are misusing their powers," Jain said. Ridiculing Jung's statement that he is in the process of overturning "illegal" decisions taken by the Delhi Government, Jain said, "Yes, we have taken many wrong decisions in Delhi.

Like, we said if there will be power cuts for more than two hours, the penalty would be imposed, which LG sir will definitely overturn as there must also be pressure on him." "They are saying that there are almost 250 files, which means we have done 250 things.

When he served Delhi from February 14, 2014 till February 14, 2015, if he even did 14 things, then please let us know," Jain said.

Jain further said,"We have opened 'mohalla clinic' they can also overturn them as well. Public will tell everything and what all things will they overturn? More rooms are being constructed in schools of Delhi, will they overturn that as well? If we have worked, we have worked for the public.

We have sent things for post-facto-approval and not for them to overturn." Jung yesterday slammed Kejriwal's claim that he and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were in cahoots to obstruct the AAP's governance initiatives.

"Unfortunately, illegal decisions were taken without my knowledge. Then, I wrote to the officials to set things right after the high court verdict. I have received around 250 files till date. Now that the court has drawn the line, they have sent the files. I am working with the hope that things will improve," Jung said..

Source: ANI