Kailash Kher sings a song in praise of Goddess Ganga

Mumbai, Feb 25 : Singer Kailash Kher has sung a soulful track in praise of Goddess Ganga, which will be used as the title track of an upcoming show.

The track, titled "Mann nivaasini hain, hain tu Gange", sings praise of the holy river.

Kher is pleased with the way the song has turned out.

"The lyrics beautifully capture the true spirit of Ganga Mata and her story. When I got a chance to be a part of 'Mann nivaasini hain, hain tu Gange' song, I was happy. I had freedom to add shades of Adhyatm that gave depth to the composition and it has a chiming effect," he said.

"My music is a reflection of the way I think and lead my life.

I have tried to add a piece of me to the song. Today's Kailash is the prodigy of Ganga and Himalaya," he declared.

The song will be used as the title song of the serial "Paapnaashini Ganga".



Source: IANS