Kamakhya Temple comes alive with Deodhani festival

Guwahati (Assam) [India], Aug.26 : Thousands of devotees from all across the country thronged the famous Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati to celebrate the three-day Deodhani Festival dedicated to the Serpent Goddess Kamakhya.

It is believed that Goddess Kamakhya fulfills the wishes of the devotees who take part in this festival.

Situated atop the Nilachal Hills, the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya, a consort of Lord Shiva.

The temple is considered to be the principle seat of the Hindu cult of Shakti. The temple comes alive with the celebration of the Deodhani Festival which forms the core of rituals related to worship of Ma Manasa (Serpentine Goddess) Jadunath Sharma, Doloy Bhakta, Kamakhya Temple, said, "This festival reflects the significance of Goddess Kamakhya.

'Ma' possesses the body of the priest who performs rituals and worship 'Ma'. This festival happens in the Sawan month and the Bhado month. This festival begins during Sankranti and men possessed with the power of Ma dance to the rhythm of drum and beats.

It is a unique way of offerings prayers to the Serpentine Goddess." The temple was filled with the sound of drum beats and chanting of hymns by priests, dressed in his festive attire to celebrate the Deodhani festival.

Men get possessed by some spirit, the Deodhads (temple dancers) and dress themselves like their respective deities, wear garlands similar to those of the deities and pay obeisance to the respective shrines while temple priests guide and help them in carrying out all these rituals.

Devotees who are the firm believer of this festival believe that one taking part in this festival gets supernatural power from Goddess Kamakhya.

R K Kashyap, a devotee from Delhi, said, "I have been coming here since 2007. I have attended the Ambubachi Mela from last 10 years. There are different types of festivals celebrated here and each has its own unique significance. In the Dewadhani festival, all the Gods pray to the Goddess to receive powers from her. They showcase their powers as everyone has their own unique power residing in their souls. We believe that primarily the soul residing in our body is that of Goddess Kamakhya." It is believed that all who participate in the festival are rewarded special powers from the goddess.

Source: ANI